Party Wall Help Sheet

For all prospective and existing clients, please click on the company Party Wall Skill Profile sheet which will provide assistance to you if you are planning extension or alteration works, or if your neighbours are planning to undertake. WCS Skill Profile – Party Wall

New Offices in Twickenham

TWP has now increased office capacity taking over the upper floors of 4 York Street in Twickenham. Two floors providing the necessary space the company needs as we increase staffing to match our continued success. We have also maintained our presence in Teddington on Church Road.

International property standards Surveying

International property standards From today all RICS professionals undertaking and commissioning property measurements will be required to follow the RICS Property Measurement Professional Statement. This means that all measurements of office buildings will be done in line with the new International Property Measurement Standard (IPMS). IPMS is the new global standard that aims to enhance the transparency and consistency in the way property is measured across markets. It was developed…